We are finding more and more companies are moving to smaller relocation providers, which poses the question why?

As we see in many industries size is not always an indication of performance. Think of Virgin Atlantic that started with one plane when they took on British Airways all those years ago. They are still one of the smaller players, but their level of service is what they are known for.

My first criterion in selecting any service provider is the level of service. Whether it’s my dentist, my accountant or even my bank they are all chosen because they provide the level of service I expect when dealing with them. I deal with the same people every time I visit, they know me and I know them.

The same can be said for choosing a relocation provider. Are you tired of your transferees being treated like a number by multiple people in a multi-national company? Do you find it difficult to speak the right person when you need some information on the relocation of your transferee? Is there no consistency in the level of service you and your transferees receive?

These are the reasons big companies are moving to smaller boutique relocation agencies. Boutique agencies are nimble and responsive to their clients. They recognise that each transferee is unique in the level and type of assistance they need and that the process is just as important as the outcome. Going the extra mile for both the client and transferee is part of the norm and they are not bogged by complex org structures and systems like many of their larger, cumbersome competitors.

What’s your experience been like?